Discover How You Can Gain the "ELITE Edge" to 
Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs,
Develop UNSHAKABLE Confidence &  
Create the Life of Your Dreams...

Discover How You Can Gain the "ELITE Edge" to
Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs,
Develop UNSHAKABLE Confidence & Create the Life of Your Dreams...

By Mike Gillette

RE: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where I will personally instill in you the “Elite Edge” and transform you into an Elite Performer. 
Hi, my name is Mike Gillette and today, I want to share with you a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where you will get to experience an ELITE training program that has produced countless elite performers.

Now, I realize that might seem like a bold claim…

But with over 3 decades of experience dedicated to training real-world professionals in high-stakes circumstances, you can be confident that this is based on PROVEN RESULTS.

What you will ultimately gain access to is no less than the SAME exclusive and elite-level training that Special Forces Units, the FBI, DEA, Olympians and other World-Class Performers have used to achieve their most ambitious and challenging goals.

Imagine How Much MORE You Could Accomplish
If You Possessed Laser-Like Focus and
Unrelenting Persistence Even When Facing 
Overwhelming Adversity or Pressure

Look, achieving your most challenging goals requires you to stay calm and focused on the task at hand even when you are faced with harsh setbacks or extreme pressure...

The one thing you can be certain about life is that NOTHING ever goes according to plan.

World-Champion Boxer Mike Tyson said it best…

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face...”

Whatever that you are hoping to achieve, you can be certain that challenging obstacles stand in your way.
And the bigger your goals are, the more difficult and harsher these obstacles will be.

How you handle those obstacles will ultimately determine what you can achieve.

Listen, anyone can set big goals… But only the elite few will actually achieve them.

And my singular goal for this life-changing 3-day event is to transform you into one of the elites.

Here’s a short list of benefits you can expect once you gain the "Elite Edge":
  • Experience GENUINE CONFIDENCE (not the false bravado that comes with the “fake it till you make it” attitude) because you KNOW with complete certainty that NOTHING can stop you once you have set your sights on your target...
  • Gain DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENTS in all aspects in your life, including your health, relationships, career and business...
  • Experience TRUE FREEDOM from feeling trapped or held back by your fears, insecurities or self-doubt…
  • ​Become UNSTOPPABLE and never allow setbacks, challenges or failures to discourage or hold you back from achieving your goals...
  • ​Develop NERVES OF STEEL and never become overwhelmed by stress even when under extreme pressure or adversity…
  • ​And MUCH more…
If the above list sounds a little like becoming SUPERHUMAN, that’s because it is.

Once you have gone through this training, you will be able to achieve things that only a handful of humans will be able to achieve.

And I can make such a bold claim because...

With Over THREE DECADES of Real-World Experience Transforming Ordinary Humans into ELITE Performers, This is as Real as it Gets…

I dislike talking about my accomplishments, but it’s important for you to know them so you can determine whether I am qualified enough to make such bold promises...

The first thing you should know is that my experience doesn’t come simply from having read a couple of books about “performance training” like majority of the online gurus you hear about these days...

My 30+ years of experience comes from having trained all kinds of real-world professionals including:
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
  • Special Forces Units
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Professional Athletes
  • Members of Cirque du Soleil (Top Performing Artists)
  • Highly Successful Entrepreneurs
  • And countless more...
I have also been featured in numerous publications such as:
And here are some results others have gotten from working with me...

Rosen Yanev
- Entrepreneur

"Working with Mike has made a fundamental change in my life. I now understand the vital connection between the way you think and the results you achieve. Gaining control over this process and making a habit of productive thinking, despite the external factors, opens unlimited potential!"

Kenneth R. Murray
- Professional Author and Trainer

“Several names stand out to me as evolutionary thinkers in our industry, and Mike Gillette continues to inspire and lead my understanding of principles that help to shatter the chains of self-imposed limitations through modeling the power of changing personal belief systems in order to achieve personal greatness. Thanks, Mike, for the inspiration over the years to help me understand the immense value of personal sacrifice in order to achieve great things.”

Dan Cheong
- Entrepreneur

"Before I met Mike, I had big goals and dreams that I had trouble even admitting to myself. A large part of myself felt like I was unworthy and incapable of achieving these goals...  Through working with Mike, I developed a much clearer understanding of how my mind worked and what I needed to do to overcome my own negative thoughts. I am proud to say that I no longer feel captive to my own self-limiting beliefs and am able to pursue even my most daunting goals with full force."

Lisa "Black Widow" King
- International Muay Thai Champion

"Mike Gillette is an essential part of my pre-fight ritual – I don’t ever plan on getting in the ring again without him..."

My Own Personal Story is a Testament to 
How You Can Transform Yourself No Matter What 
Your Current Circumstances Are…

My Own Personal Story is a Testament to How You Can Transform Yourself No Matter What Your Current Circumstances Are…

As a child, I was small, weak, and afraid of everything…

I was the result of an unintended pregnancy and my parents split-up when I was three.

My mother was left with me, no money and a lot of anger. She pursued bad relationships with bad men. 
Men who would abuse her.

Eventually she settled on one relationship. A relationship which would suck the life from her. And from me.

Growing up, I saw my mother get punched, kicked and choked. One night she was thrown down a flight of stairs. Sometimes we would leave. But we always went back.

As I grew older, the violence got worse.

One night, after having her head beaten against the living room wall, my mother went to the doctor. A brain tumor was discovered.

After a year of treatment, she died.

I was 15.

My life became a mess. I descended into drugs and alcohol, as often and as much as I could.

In February 1981, at the age of 18, I decided that I finally had enough.

I checked into a motel, consumed a ridiculous amount of booze and a bottle of painkillers and laid down on the bed waiting to die.

Much to my surprise, I woke up the next day.

Which led me to conclude two things...

One, I must be hard to kill.

And two, perhaps there was a reason why I was still alive.

I ultimately decided that I wanted to live as differently as possible from who I used to be.

Before my suicide attempt, I had been at my weakest. My most fearful. I had been the absolute worst version of myself...

And so over the next 30+ years, I dedicated myself to becoming the strongest version of myself, both physically and mentally.
Even today, I’m accomplishing goals that years ago, would have seemed impossible to me.
Personally, I have lived as:
  • An Army Paratrooper
  • A SWAT Commander
  • ​A Member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • A Counter-Terrorism Consultant
  • ​A Bodyguard to Billionaires and Celebrities (such as Warren Buffett & Sylvester Stallone)
  • ​A Record-Breaking Strongman who has been featured on Ripley's Believe it or Not & Guinness World Records
  • ​An Entrepreneur whose programs have grossed over 7-figures in over 40 countries worldwide
What had started as a personal quest has now evolved into a mission to help others become the strongest and most capable version of themselves.

This leads me to a word of caution on today’s self-help climate...

The Current Crop of 
So-Called “Self-Help Gurus” 
Are Actually STOPPING You From Achieving Optimal Performance…

WARNING: The Current Crop of So-Called
“Self-Help Gurus” Are Actually STOPPING You
From Achieving Optimal Performance…

Look, if you have been trying to increase your performance but haven’t found much success, it’s honestly not your fault.

In today’s internet era, there is no shortage of online overnight “experts” who claim to know what it takes to help you live your best life.

If you have been following any of these modern day “self-help gurus”, you are likely to have come across more confusing than useful advice.

“You just have to accept yourself”

“You will manifest what you want in your life once you understand the power within”

“The universe provides what you want... just focus on it”

“Just go with the flow”
If you have previously heard this kind of soft, pleasant-sounding but very non-specific advice, then you know exactly what I am referring to.

This kind of advice, well-intentioned but misinformed, is designed to make you feel good in the moment.

But once reality sets back in, you will realize very quickly that you haven’t made an inch of progress towards your goals.

Listen, the reason why you have not yet achieved your goals lies in a harsh but simple truth…


If you were worthy, you would have already achieved them.

This might be an especially tough pill for your ego to swallow, but I am not here to coddle you or make you feel nice and warm inside.

I am here to TRULY help you get to your goals…

Even if that means slapping a strong but painful dose of reality on you.

Listen, achieving ambitious goals requires EXTRAORDINARY WILL, EFFORT AND SKILL

And only a FEW ELITE PERFORMERS have what it truly takes.

The only question is: Will YOU become an Elite Performer?

The Truth Is, 
Most People Don’t Have the Slightest Clue as to What It REALLY Takes to Become an ELITE Performer…

The Truth Is, Most People Don’t Have the
Slightest Clue as to What It REALLY Takes to
Become an ELITE Performer…

You see, even though there are many people who desire and pursue world-class performance, very few manage to achieve it...

As someone who has spent most of my life in pursuit of elite performance, I often get asked,

“How does one go from being an average person to becoming an Elite Performer?”

The answer, while simple, is quite disheartening for most.

Are you ready for it?

It boils down to just 2 simple words: Elite Training.

For example, how does the US Military produce Navy SEALs?
Well, they put otherwise ordinary humans through an extraordinary training program. If you successfully complete the program, then congratulations, you are now a Navy SEAL.

The reason why this is disheartening news for most people is because this kind of training is extremely exclusive.

Not just anyone can sign up for Navy SEAL training, there are all kinds of rigorous standards you must meet just to qualify for the training.

So if Elite Training produces Elite Performers, why make it exclusive?

It’s simple – Elite Training requires an Elite trainer.

It’s one thing to be able to achieve great deeds. It’s another to be able to train someone else to achieve great deeds.

People often think they are the same thing. They are not.

Having personal experience definitely speaks volumes...

But possessing the ability to train someone else is an entirely different skill.

Needless to say, Elite Trainers are extremely few and far between.
As someone who has not only reached the heights of success in multiple professions, but also trained countless individuals to achieve their most challenging goals, I believe I am more than qualified to help YOU become an Elite Performer.

You don’t have to take my word for it.

Here's what Dennis Rogers, the Pound-for-Pound World's Strongest man had to say about me...

Dennis Rogers
- Pound-for-Pound World's Strongest Man

“Mike Gillette has truly mastered the mental aspects of human performance. He has trained his body and disciplined his mind to overcome pain and fear both on-stage and in the field…
He doesn’t need anyone to convince you that his techniques work. He is his own proof. At 57, he is stronger than ever. I think that says it all.”
And here’s another short story to demonstrate how I can help you become an Elite Performer...

Back in 2002, I was tasked with designing a training program by Colonel Lee Vans Arsdale, former commander of the legendary Special Operations Unit “Delta Force”.

If you aren’t familiar with “Delta Force”, you’re not alone.

Officially-speaking, they don’t exist. But, since 1977, they have been responsible for performing the most complex, classified and dangerous missions in the US Military.
Shortly after the attacks of 9/11, it was discovered that Walt Disney World had been considered as one of the original terrorist targets.

In the uncertain days following those attacks, the Disney Company reached out to Van Arsdale to request a special and highly confidential training program.

The mission… to transform select Disney employees, ordinary citizens, into extraordinary individuals capable of detecting and dealing with high-risk situations.

This project was uniquely challenging because it’s one thing to prepare skilled military operators for dangerous circumstances...

But it’s a whole other task to train ordinary civilians with zero prior experience in dealing with such circumstances.

Fortunately, I was able to “deliver the goods” and the project was ultimately a resounding success.

Here’s what Van Arsdale said about the program that I designed…

(RET) COLONEL Lee Vans Arsdale
- Former Commander of "Delta Force" Special Forces Unit

“I met Mike Gillette while working on a sensitive training project. It was Mike’s design and implementation of a specialized course for the Walt Disney Company in what can best be described as Mental Skills – i.e., visualization techniques, outthinking potential adversaries before they can act, planning on the move, anticipating problems before they occur – that impressed me greatly. The client was likewise impressed with Mike’s ability to improve mental skills, with the resultant improvement of the physical.”
Every individual who went through my program came out the other end as an Elite Performer.

Even though the program wasn’t designed specifically to help them with their own personal development, the benefits of the program inevitably overlapped and spilled over into every area of their life.

Now, with all that said, the harsh reality is that even if the average person wants access to this kind of Elite Training, chances are that they won’t ever get the opportunity to do so...

Which is exactly why I am excited to announce this amazing opportunity...

The ELITE Edge Private Coaching Program

The ELITE Edge Private Coaching program is a 12-week program that is 100% personalized to your goals and your circumstances.

During this 12-week program, you will experience the same exclusive world-class training that has transformed countless ordinary people into Elite Performers.

This life-changing transformation will provide you with the mindset and the tools you need to achieve your most ambitious and challenging goals, no matter what your current circumstances may be.

Based on my extensive experience in working with countless individuals over the past 30+ years, I have yet to come across a single individual where this method did not work for him or her...

Because this private coaching program is 100% personalized and customized to you, the method works regardless of your age, sex, race, religion or any other attribute that you can think of...

The only thing that matters is how COMMITTED you are to transforming your life.

Rob Pincus
- Director of I.C.E. Training

"Mike Gillette is a Mind Writer. The man knows how to motivate, how to inspire and how to both call out complacency and inspire greatness. His ability to help people re-write their internal dialogue and move forward with a mindset for success is unique and impressively efficient. A day with Mike out-values a year’s worth of typical self-help books and motivational workshops."

This LIFE-CHANGING Opportunity Is For You If…

  • ​You seek the means to achieve your most ambitious and challenging goals, no matter the odds
  • ​You take responsibility for your own circumstances and know that it falls upon you to change them
  • You are tired of allowing fear and self-doubt to hold you back from doing the things you want to do
  • ​You are willing to take necessary risks to transform yourself and your circumstances
  • You want the ability to stay calm and relaxed even when faced with overwhelming pressure
  • ​You want to eliminate distractions and become laser-focused on achieving your goals
If any of the above sounds like you, then this program will completely transform your life.

With that being said...

This Transformational Program Is NOT For Everyone And You Must Apply to Qualify…

As much as I’d like it to be otherwise, this program is NOT for everyone…

There’s that, and personally, there are just certain types of people I have no interest in working with.

For those reasons, this program requires you to submit an application and that means that not everyone will be accepted.

So please do NOT apply if you fall into any of the categories below:
  • You are rude, overly demanding and would be disrespectful to myself or my team
  • ​You aren’t willing to trust the process and are skeptical about everything during the program
  • ​You aren’t willing to take responsibility for resolving your own challenges
  • ​You are hoping for a magic-bullet, overnight solution without putting in any effort of your own
  • ​You are looking to be “fixed” via therapy or other mental health modality

The ELITE Edge Coaching Program is NOT Cheap...

When determining the price of this program, I had two options...

Option #1: Price of the program as low as possible so I could sell it to as many people as possible. With this pricing model, I am forced to compromise the quality of the program due to the limited amount of resources I can invest into helping each individual client. Additionally, my team and I would be working with the least committed individuals because they have no “skin” in the game.

Option #2: Price the program at a reasonable fee that disqualifies non-committed individuals. This pricing model not only allows me to invest as much as is necessary to help each client get the results they want, it also allows me and my team to work with truly dedicated individuals who are committed to the process.
I am not going to lie...

Selecting Option #2 was a no-brainer decision for me.

With that being said, if you are committed to transforming your life and you are willing to invest in yourself, I want to help you create the life of your dreams...

Follow the Steps Below to
Submit Your Application Today:

1 - Click the Button Below to Begin Your Application

2 - Fill Out the Application Form with as Much Detail and Transparency as Possible

3 - Select the Best Time For You in Our System to Schedule Your Call

4 - Submit a $100 Refundable Deposit to Confirm Your Application

(*NOTE: The only purpose of this deposit is to encourage call attendance. This deposit will be automatically refunded to you during the scheduled call.)

Now, Here’s What Will Happen Over This
Transformational 3-Day Event…

You Have 2 Options Right Now…

Now that you are aware of this life-changing opportunity that I am offering you today, you have 2 options...

Option #1: You leave this page and miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Your life will stay exactly the same as it is. The challenges that you are currently facing in your life will continue to frustrate you and your goals will continue to elude you. The truth is, most people take this option simply because it’s easier to do so. This is why most people remain average.

Option #2: You make a decision to invest in yourself today and join this extraordinary coaching program. You will meet other ambitious people like you who are committed to becoming the best version of themselves. You will experience a one-of-a-kind life-changing training that will help you get the "Elite Edge" and transform you into an Elite Performer. When you complete this program, you will have made new friends with extraordinary individuals, and you will possess the tools and mindset you need to achieve even your most challenging and ambitious goals. Your life will never be the same again.

Those are your two options right now.

If you have read everything up to this point, then I assume you are interested in taking option #2, so click the button below and submit your application right now…

Due to the Personalized and Resource-Intensive Nature of the Limitless Self Program, We Can Only Take On a Handful of Clients at Any One Time…

If any of this letter resonates with you and you are at a point in your life where you are serious and ready to transform your life, I highly recommend that you submit your application immediately.

Due to the amount of personalized attention that we commit to each individual client, we can only handle a very limited number of clients at any one time.

My private coaching programs usually remains closed for months once we reach max capacity, so make sure you apply immediately if spots are still available.

I look forward to personally helping you achieve your goals and create the life you have always wanted.

To Your Success,

- Mike Gillette

P.S. If you are just skimming this letter and are wondering what this page is all about, I am inviting you to the Elite Edge Private Coaching program where we will give you the "Elite Edge" so you can eliminate any self-limiting beliefs, develop unshakable confidence, and create the life of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be located in the US (or anywhere in particular) for this program?
No. This program will work for you as long as you have internet access and a smartphone for using our apps.
How long is the Elite Edge Private Coaching program?
The base program lasts 12 weeks. Additionally, clients who want to continue enjoying our personalized and comprehensive support can renew their subscription after the initial 12 weeks.
Is there a minimum age requirement or a maximum age limit?
While there is no specific age requirement for the program, we highly recommend this program for individuals who are at least 16 years old.
Will this program work for my race/gender/religion?
Yes, this program will work for you regardless of your race, gender or religion.
Do you offer refunds for this program?
No, due to the amount of resources we pour into ensuring each individual client succeeds, there will be no refunds under any circumstances. We may, however, under extenuating circumstances, offer recompensation at our sole discretion.
I have other questions, how do I contact you?
You can ask my team any questions you have during your scheduled application call. Alternatively, you can send an email to and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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